Cannot see Traffic Global aircraft in P3D v5

  • Hello, I am new to flight sims and have just purchased Traffic Global. I'm having problems seeing any aircraft in P3D V5. These are the steps I took. Installed traffic global all ok. Ticked all boxes on compile traffic screen and compiled traffic database. Finished ok. When I go into P3D sim, I cannot see any aircraft in the sky or on the ground. All I want to do is to get aircraft in P3D to appear on the ground, taking off, landing and in the sky. What else do I need to do after compiling traffic database, keeping it simple, for aircraft to appear in P3D sim. Thank you.

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    It depends where you are looking, time of day etc and you need to wait for flights to start up. Your best bet would be to contact Just Flight support.

  • @Derek Hi Derek. Thanks for that. Are you saying that just by compiling traffic database, aircraft will appear automatically at some point in time at any airport in P3D, without needing to do anything else within Traffic Global?

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    It really depends on the airport. If there are no flightplans for that airport then you won't see any traffic. Where are you looking?

  • @Derek I selected a flight plan then edited the selected flight plan to change the departing airport to EGKK {gatwick} then changed the departing time to say 20 minutes later. I then clicked on TEST COMPILE FLIGHT PLAN {no errors} then SAVE FLIGHT PLAN CHANGES.
    Loaded P3D v5, went to EGKK and waited until the time set on the amended flight plan, but no aircraft appeared for takeoff.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I forked out quite a bit for this software and cannot seem to get it to work.
    Frustrating because the manual does not explain a step by step guide of what to do etc.

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    As I say, your best bet would be to contact Just Flight support. The software does work so we will need to get to the bottom of why it's not working for you.

  • @melcapone
    Tell me the aircraft some do not appear in v5, and i will test it myself. I use UK2000 EGKK and have modified many flight plans to put the correct aircraft at the airport.

  • Hi Melcapone,

    TG is very frustrating but has the promise of being the best traffic add on available which is why I have stuck with it. I have been using and fiddling with TG for over 2 years often pulling my hair out over endless issues and set backs. This is not what you want to hear.

    Some suggestions but based on the fact that I use P3Dv4 not v5.

    Check when P3D is running that you have the traffic set to high. Go to options on the top menu then General, then Traffic. There is a slider to set airline and GA traffic density. Try both at 100%

    If that doesn't work try recompiling TG but untick, the freight and GA section so they are not included. Slide the error correction slider at the bottom to mid point. If this works you may well see some strange liveries at EGKK like Mongolian because the programme substitutes aircraft that should be flying a schedule but which are not yet available in TG.

    Finally if there is still no traffic appearing download the latest version of TG from your Just Flight account (It allows unlimited downloads) and reinstall that version. It will remove the existing version as part of the process. You will have to compile everything again.

    Apologies if you have already been though the above.

    Many of us have had similar issues which we have overcome by trial and error. One good thing about lockdowns is that I have had lost of time to dedicate to TG!

  • @Lockheed-lad
    Thanks for your help.........I will try that out.

  • @melcapone
    You only need Airliner Traffic at 100% to show them in the sim at major airports you should very littlie if any GA.
    My settings .

  • @Lockheed-lad Hi Lockheed-lad.
    I uninstalled TG.
    I then clicked on MODIFY P3D Installation in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, to fix anything that TG might have changed.
    Then reinstalled TG and unticked Freight and GA and recompiled. Did not change anything else in TG.
    Went into P3DV5 and moved airline traffic to max and parked / taxy aircraft appeared on the ground and aircraft in the sky.
    Problem solved.
    Thanks for your help.

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