My AI Flights v1.1.2.1

  • Perhaps Rich or someone else @ JF could clarify this?

    Would I be right in assuming that, from v1.1.2.0, MyAI flightplans is no longer compiled as a separate traffic.bgl?

    If so, wouldn't that make it difficult to save user generated flightplans between updates to the program?

    Since compiling MyAI Flights is now included as an option at the bottom left of the relevant screen, are these flightplans all now included in TrafficGlobal_AI.bgl?

    If so, I've tried compiling with 'Include MyAI Flights' checked every which way from Sunday (using just the plans provided with TG) and decompiling the results using AIFP3 but I am as yet unable to find anything other than one flightplan for the AN225 (plus, wierdly, finding the inclusion of an R22 helicopter with no associated flightplan).

    As I haven't really made use of this function previously, am I missing something? [FSX-SE]

  • What has changed is you no longer get a separate error log for MyAIFlights, it is now included in the main compile error log this now makes it harder to know if the plan you created loads without error, this is important as when you create a plan and run the test before saving you can find it reports no error, But when you compile the My AI Flights plans that when you can find the plan is in the error log due often to unavailable parking when you know parking is available, this is not a new problem but has blighted this program since release and has gotten worse, and i don`t think it will be fixed.