146pro and P3Dv5-stutters

  • Hi all,
    experiencing severe P3Dv5-stutters with the 146pro (-300QT).
    Knowing about the P3Dv5-stutter-problem in general, my system is optimized to reduce P3Dv5-stutters as best as possible.
    But now while using 146pro, I am experiencing such P3Dv5-stutters again.
    After trying out almost the half Sunday without finding a solution:

    • Does anyone else have such P3Dv5-stutter-problems when using BAe 146 pro of JustFlight?
    • Possible solutions to solve or at least to reduce the problem?

    My impression: The sutters are mainly caused by playing sound-effects by the BAe 146.
    Heavy stutters happen during/after the touch-down and takeoff noises.
    But also during flight, there are every 1-2 sec micro stutters when flying the 146pro.

    PS: The FPS are good and locked at 40, NVidia and P3Dv5 likewhise.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • JF Staff

    Our sound plugin uses Prepar3D's own PDK system, if that helps at all with tracking down the cause.

  • Hi Martin
    Thanks for your reply.
    After some more test flights:
    I guess the FPS of the weather radar causes most of the stuttering.
    After setting weather radar FPS to 1/5 of its maxValue the P3Dv5-stuttering is significantly less.
    And nice, with 1/5 of its FPS the weather radar is still doing a good job.

    The FPS of the TCAS does not really cause P3Dv5-stutters so far, even when almost at maxFPS.