Very very disappointed.

  • I am very overwhelmed by the poor support offered by Justflight. This message is a bit long, it's because I am really exasperated.

    I have never been able to fully run Traffic Global in P3D V5 since I purchased it, i.e. September 8, 2020.
    The compiler was never able to complete, that is, the cago traffic was never compiled. But that didn't bother me too much because there was still enough traffic in P3D to create lively traffic (genaral aviation and airlines). I was relatively happy with it.

    But since version (released around mid-December), the setup program (TraficApp.exe) has never worked. Never. The program starts and then stops after a few seconds, without an error message. So after uninstalling version, there is no more traffic in P3D.

    But since version (released around mid-December), I have never been able to get the setup program (TraficApp.exe) to work. Never. The program starts and then stops after a few seconds, without an error message. You understand that I had to uninstall version before installing So after uninstalling version, there is no more traffic in P3D.

    I have read a lot on this forum to see if others have experienced the same problem as mine, but no solution could fix my problem.

    On December 18th I wrote a ticket to the support team. No response from the support team.
    On December 24th I wrote again in my ticket to mention that I had version installed and that I was having the same problem. I even provided a 5-page PDF document including a lot of information to explain in great detail my installation: what I did to install TG and what I tried to do to make it work, and I also have an extract from the windows event log, lists of TG installed files, etc.
    That same day, the support team told me that a small update had been made in vesion After a new download and installation, I still have the same problem.

    I have since written to the support team 3 times reminding them that TG is still not working. The latest dated January 12. Noone answered me. I haven't received any feedback.
    By the way, I just installed version, and you know what: still the same problem.

    Well! I hate to be rude or sarcastic, but I wonder if anyone is awake on the support team.

    As you can see, I am very disappointed with the poor quality of service. Hear, the reason is not because I paid for this product that does not work. From my perspective, the cost doesn't matter. The most important thing is respect for the customer.

    I just hope that someone from the support team reads this post, as it seems that creating a post isn't enough to get your voice heard.

    And now here is my question which is very simple:
    Before installing Traffic Global, I would like to know if there is a file or key in the Windows registry that I could destroy or file that I could modify that would allow me a clean reinstallation, that is to say that I would like the installer to work as if it was the first time it is installed (examining the installed simulator, connecting to the justFligt site, requesting the email address etc.). Maybe this will eliminate my problem. This is my guess.

    Obviously, the installer behaves as if TG has already been installed. It does not examine which simulator is installed and does not ask me for proof of purchase (i.e. login to JustflightFlight)

    And before I forget, and before anyone asks me: yes I am running everything as administrator and yes my antivirus and firewall are disabled.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


  • JF Staff


    Sorry to hear that. The game does work so something locally may be causing the problem. Can you let us know all the ticket numbers and we can look into it.

  • Thank you Derek. The ticket number is 47156.

  • JF Staff

    @Claude said in Very very disappointed.:

    Thank you Derek. The ticket number is 47156.

    Can you let me have the other ones? You said there were a number of them.

  • @Derek
    All my messages were written in the same ticket, ie 47156. One after the other. I used the "reply" button to add my messages.

  • Claude. perhaps you haven't seen the news for the last few months?

    There's a GLOBAL pandemic which has affected millions of people and that being so has meant that companies an individuals have to work differently and isolate occasionally and maybe even become ill.

    The product does work and so just be a bit more patient

  • @Rog
    Rog. Your comment is really insulting and arrogant.
    I am aware of the impacts of the pandemic. Probably more than you.
    For your information, I work for a company that goes out of its way to help its customers.
    My employer is very affected by this pandemic and we work for clients who are also very affected by this pandemic. And we are able to provide excellent service to our customers.
    So don't tell me that I don't know about COVID-19.

    Maybe you are not familiar with that information technology offers a lot of solutions for working from home. Epecially in IT.
    Obviously you are not very familiar with IT.

    I don't believe Just Flight is unable to offer customer support during this pandemic. If so they should mention it on their web page, which they don't. When a question has been asked for a month and we have had no answer, we have the right to complain. So don't talk to me about patience.

    And you know what Roq, I provided a lot of information in my ticket that might help the support team to resolve my issue and that might also help other customers who will have the same issue as mine. Maybe it will be for you someday.

    Rog, do not take me for an ignorant and if you do not have other more constructive comments .... go your way.
    I don't have to take a moral lesson because I made a very polite complaint.

  • Morning Claude

    I would suggest you have a corrupt installation of some type which prevents the program running.

    Uninstall any 3rd party anti virus and just use windows defender.

    Fully uninstall TG. Then check and delete all remaining files and folders of TG.

    Then run a registry checker, I use Ccleaner , which will remove all redundant entries.

    Download and install the latest TG.

    Choose a fresh install directory on c:\traffic. or better still d:\traffic. Do not use the default suggested directory.

    Set an exclude in Windows defender for that directory and the other associated folders of TG

    Run the install process and compile to your choosing.

    Set traffic to 100% in p3d for starters.

  • I have done it dozens of times and since several versions always the same error in compiling no GA traffic and cargo traffic so I will keep my comments to myself about the maintenance of the product

  • @Marshall01
    Thank you Mr. Alan for your suggestions. I appreciate the time you have taken to provide me this information.
    I did everything you mentioned. And even a lot more. The results are negative.
    Here are all the steps I have done.

    A complete uninstallation of Traffic Global, which includes the deletion of all the directories concerned (3 directories).
    I also erase the contents of the TEMP directory.
    I also deleted the temporary directory created by InstallShield.
    I have erased all references to TrafficApp.exe, TrafficGlobalTwitter.exe, Traffic Global and also Just Flight in the Windows registry.
    With CCLeaner I erased all unnecessary files.
    With CCLeaner, I checked and destroyed the exiting error in the Windows registry.
    I checked the state of the system files with this command (launched with PowerShell Admin)

    • sfc /scannow
      Note : SFC (System File checker)is an utility in Windows 10 that allows you to check the integrity of system files and attempt to repair them if any files are corrupted.
      I performed the Windows update (nothing new since updating to version 20H2).
      I checked my system with Malwarebytes (no malware found)
      I checked my system with Kaspersky (no viruses found)

    I did a complete PC shutdown and restarted.

    I reinstall Traffic Global with the Administrator user.
    Before installation à deactivate my antivirus, and I close all unnecessary applications and Windows services.
    The configuration software (TrafficApp.exe) has been installed in a directory on the D:\ drive, outside P3D directory (P3D V5.1 with hf1).
    The AI aircraft has been installed in a directory on the D:\ drive, also outside P3D directory.

    After all these steps, Traffic Global continue to stop after few second.

    I repeated all the steps mentioned above again. But unlike, I didn't use Programm and Features included in Windows 10 to uninstall Traffic Global. I used "Your Uninstaller" software to uninstall Traffic Global.
    Note: "Your Uninstaller" is very well designed software for doing clean uninstalls.

    And TG still does not work.
    Note that my PC is strictly dedicated to P3D. I am the only user of this PC. All the products installed are related to the simulator (eg Little NavMap, Navigraph, many add-ons such as aircraft, several sceneries, etc.)
    I also used Microsoft's WinDBG (a debugger) to try to locate the source of the problem. I have noticed "Access violation" on several files located in the Windows system directory. Especially in the Windows \ directory. Very strange.

    And here is an even more bizarre thing. The debugger has identified that TrafficGlobal is trying to open files located in a directory that does not match any directory on my PC. But the programmer's directory.
    Look in this snippet identified by the debugger: the name of Richard Slater. It is not me.


    Well, after all that, I'm a little tired of looking.

  • Morning

    Yes exhaustive, you have had a good go at it. I think the AI aircraft part of the installation needs to be in the C:\ user\you\documents. I would not try to stop any services during the install. tg.PNG

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Claude
    Claude, I have been using TG since it was first released in May 2018 and I have seen many others have exactly the same problem.
    The 'Access Violation' and references to Richard Slater's files are very familiar.
    In most cases, this has usually been the result of not running the downloaded update [TrafficGlobal_v***.exe] first to completely UNinstall the current version before running it again to install the update.
    It seems that using any other method at any time creates all sorts of problems.
    As I am unable to access the EA forum since it was archived, I cannot search for possible solutions that others may have found but I will try digging through the data I accumulated from there to see if I can find anything that may help you.
    I certainly sympathise with your frustration.
    The very first version of TG that I tried to install [May 2018] failed and I was eventually informed that I had to uninstall all my Win7 fonts and reinstall a default set. Only then did the program install but, that caused other installed programs to complain of missing fonts!
    I can honestly say that, in all of my 40 years involvement with computers, no program has ever required that!

  • JF Staff

    @Claude said in Very very disappointed.:

    Thank you Mr. Alan for your suggestions. I appreciate the time you have taken to provide me this information.
    I did everything you mentioned. And even a lot more. The results are negative.

    I have looked through the ticket history on this one and, although a reply on Christmas Eve was impressive, we should probably have sent a few more "we're still looking into this" replies which may have helped. One minor problem is that the ticketing software (a proprietary program used by many businesses) bumps up replies as 'latest dates' which means if you keep adding to the same ticket it makes it look younger than it is - unless you are replying, of course.
    What we were waiting to ascertain between Xmas and new Year was if you'd got the very latest version of the files released on 22/12.

    Having looked at the documents you sent I can see you have done a lot of investigating, but I think there may well be a simpler solution to the problem. TG works for most users and is our best selling program. Logically, therefore, there must be something that prevents it from running for you - you don't have a unique version of the software but you do have a (relatively) unique PC.
    As Capt Quirk has said, in most cases uninstall/reinstall solves most similar problems to yours - but only if done via the .exe.

    We certainly don't want to put anything about tinkering with registry settings or re-formatting and reinstalling Windows in a public forum because we don't want to be blamed for someone reading it and knackering their PC.
    However, we will look into this some more and get back to you via support. Rest assured that, as per our Ts and Cs, if you can't get something we sell to work, we will make sure you don't end up out of pocket.

  • Hi,

    I would first like to thank you Capt Quirk and Mr. Metcalf. I greatly appreciate your help and feedback.

    As you have both given me different feedback, the following text is therefore for both of you.

    I wish to inform you that I have always uninstalled TG with the method that you recommend. I have always used the updater that I download from my account. Whenever an update was available, I downloaded the new installer. I run it to do the uninstallation first, then run it again to do the installation. Each time, the Trafficapp.Exe program always worked fine.

    And this method has always worked well until version
    Since version, the uninstallation / installation continues to work well but it is the tool (TrafficApp) that no longer works.

    When the problems started I did several uninstall / reinstall with a copy of the freshly downloaded installer. For each update ( - - and, I did the same uninstall / install procedure.

    I took a look at the TrafficGlobal_Manual.pdf (located in the C:\Users\my_name\Documents\TrafficGlobal directory).
    On page 5, in the section called "Uninstalling", it is written that is possible to Application & features (Windows 10) in the control panel to uninstall the product. At the end of this section, it is written:
    Uninstalling or deleting this product in any other way may cause problems when using this product in the future
    or with your Windows set-up.

    It is for this reason that I tried this method to uninstall TG. I used it only once, and since this method didn't give good results, I came back with the installer (TrafficGlobal x.x.x.x.exe) to do the uninstalls and installations.

    I have tried all kinds of directory selection combinations during my installs. I kept the directories suggested by the installer. I also did several installations with directories of my choice. Here are some examples.
    Example 1 D:\ Utility P3D\TrafficGlobal (for the program) with D:\P3Dv5 Addons\TrafficGlobal (for aircraft)
    Example 2 D:\ TrafficGlobal (for the program) with D:\TrafficGlobalAircraft (for aircraft)

    The reason why I tried "Your Uninstaller" software to uninstall TG: I was out of ideas. But this product works very well.
    In the future, I will continue to use the updater that I download from my account.

    I also did installations with my own code (administrator equivalent) and the Windows Administrator code.

    I noticed that in your Excel file "AirportLookup.xlsx" there is data with decimals (coordinates). I then even tried to get TrafficApp.exe to work by changing the symbol for decimal in my system (dot [.] versus comma [,]). I've had problems with poorly programmed software with this stuff.

    Mr. Metcalf, I understand your hesitation to give information about the Windows registry. Not everyone is familiar with this. And when you're not familiar, it's risky in there.

    Tonight (Jan 20 at 00:30 utc time), I downloaded a new version of TrafficGlobal_1.1.2.1.exe. Looking at the properties of the file, it's different than the last one I downloaded on January 15th. So it is more recent.
    But unfortunately I still have the same problems.

    Mr. Capt Kirk, you mentioned that you have been involved with computers for 40 years. Well, it is since 1981 that I have been flying with a simulator (the first being Microfot Flight Simulator 1). Unfortunately, this is the first time that I have had such a hard time getting a product to work. It's sad because I love TG.

    Well, Capt Kirk, Mr. Metcalf, thank you again and I wish you a good day. For my part, I continue to find out why my PC is so unique.


  • @Claude said in Very very disappointed.:

    Well, Capt Kirk, Mr. Metcalf, thank you again and I wish you a good day. For my part, I continue to find out why my PC is so unique.

    Well I think the question could be, how radical to you want to be in fixing this?

    If it were me I would wait for support to get back. But then wiping drives and reinstall from scratch is not as difficult as it used to be.

  • @Claude Yea it's some what a corrupt file.

  • Hi Claude have you sorted out the problem as I am having the same problem and am not getting very far with it with regards to support ticket system if you have found a solution could you share it with me as I am at my wits end Colin.

  • JF Staff


    when you say you aren't getting very far, do you mean they aren't answering or the answers aren't working?

  • They answered yesterday after I opened another ticket as I hadn't heard any thing. Now I have sent 2 messages since yesterday afternoon and not heard anything back, they are quick to take your money but the support is something to be desired unfortunately