I've tested positive! (about TG)

  • Most of my recent posts have been to moan about the direction that this program seems to be headed but it's been a while since I have actually used TG for any length of time in FSX-SE.
    The current version (01Jan) of v1.1.2.0 has prompted me to check things out a bit more thoroughly.
    Throughout the EA process, I had created a whole heap of 'flights' of 'tower views' at various major airports (finally totalling 150+) so that I could do a bit of virtual plane spotting.
    Though intially skeptical about this latest version, now that I've taken time to roam around the virtual world again, there does appear to be some improvements that have quietly slipped in.
    For starters, there's now a welcome lack of misallocated aircraft when compiling with 'use alternative liveries' checked.
    Also I previously had, for instance, Flybe planes appearing even when I'd compiled with 'use exclude list' checked. They are now nowhere to be seen!
    All the GA models (bar one) that were 'invisible' in FSX have been replaced with default alternatives (including the reappearance of the Beaver floatplane, unfortunately), presumably only as a temporary measure until the issue is rectified.
    There certainly seems to be more variety now plus the 'Error Correction' slider is working well too.
    Of course this is all very subjective, but having now spent time using it, I have to say that it's generally a great improvement and I, for one, think that it would be a very welcome addition to FS2020 (though I do recognise that producing it would be no easy task for now given the current state of flux of the sim and lack of a complete SDK).
    Anyway, I just felt that I had to convey my thanks to Rich and all those involved.
    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to all at JF!