Cockpit View Problem

  • Hi All,

    Firstly I have to congratulate you on the wonderful job you have done in recreating this classic airliner. I was extremely fortunate to work at Hatfield during the 146 production phase, and it was a wonderful experience, tempered only by the sadness of the airfield's closure in 1994 and the subsequent loss of so much of our aviation skills and heritage. Please keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the RJ version, if only for the decrease in single pilot workload. I have a few thought on the aircraft that I think might make flying more realistic and enjoyable. Please take any comments as constructive.

    1. I have a problem with the cockpit view in that I cannot readily or easily access the audio selector panels, as they are obscured by the cockpit side panels. I think the cockpit side panels below the side windows are too intrusive compared to real cockpit photos. this makes it very difficult to select the NAV and MKR buttons in order to check the correct ident of navigation aids. I have not had access to a real cockpit to check, but photos on line seem to show that it should be easier to see the audio selector panels from the pilots seats.
    2. In the real aircraft control of the autopilot and adjustment of the heading and VSI modes are normally made by the Captain reaching down with their right hands and making the relevant selections on the central pedestal autopilot controller, without having to look down, and being able to see the immediate effects on the instruments ahead. This is obviously impossible in the sim. The sync system does not always seem to reengage the autopilot so I wonder if another option might be preferable. It is possible to bind the autopilot master switch to a key or button press using FSUIPC, which solves one problem. Would it be possible to know how to bind the pitch and roll functions of the autopilot controller using either FSUIPC or a P3D/FSX function?
    3. While admiring the highly detailed exteriors of the aircraft, they do look as if they have been given a very thin coat of paint, and I can assure you that they were very highly polished on leaving the factory. While I am all in favour of the aircraft looking used, as opposed to the MSFS pristine look, could one or two of the airline liveries and especially the ex Queens Flight aircraft look a little more glossy?
      Best wishes for 2021