VC10 Super/Pro Effects missing

  • In the CFG for any of the Pro or Super VC10's one of the effects says "touchdown = fx_tchdwn_s, 1" but the install doze not inclu
    e this effect into the P3Dv4 effects folder .... it is missing 🙂

  • JF Staff

    @Lord-Nibbo said in VC10 Super/Pro Effects missing:


    I thought that was a default effect file (fx_tchdwn_s.fx) but if not then we can get that added to the installer in the next update.

  • These are all the from my effects folder

    fx_tchdrt.fx - fx_tchdw.fx - fx_tchdwn_m.fx - fx_tchdwn_s.fx fx_tchdwnCX.fx but as I say the one listed in the CFG effects says fx_tchdwn_s, 1

  • JF Staff

    It looks like you have the correct effect file. The ', 1' extension tells the simulator to only trigger the effect once.

  • Why does it not work then?

  • JF Staff

    The effects are working correctly here:


    Please contact the support team and we'll investigate further.

  • I think you are correct it might be working but the smoke is almost non existent quite poor in fact. the same for engine smoke it is almost invisible. I just hope in any updates these are looked at. 😞

  • The trouble with tyre smoke is that the sim does not take into account the heaviness of a landing. In real life, the heavier the landing the more smoke but with the way the sim deals with it, if you have a heavier smoke effect then you get plumes of smoke with even the most delicate of landings. Personally, I find that unrealistic so always use the smaller smoke effects but if you want larger tyre smoke then you just need to change the _s in the effect reference to either _m or _l (from memory, I am on the mobile at the moment).


  • Yes I might try a different effect, the one used now is almost impossible to see, I agree with what you say some of these effect are way over the top but in this case it's as good as non existent.