The Beavers are back!

  • I may still not be able to see the majority of the JF GA models in FSX-SE but, along with the other default aircraft that are included in TG GA flightplans, all three repaints of the default Beaver have been reintroduced after I thought it had been eradicated many. many versions ago following posts on the EA forum.

    AC#2,195,"Beech Baron 58 Paint2"
    AC#3,195,"Beech Baron 58 Paint3"
    AC#4,195,"Beech Baron 58"
    AC#5,176,"Mooney Bravo"
    AC#6,176,"Mooney Bravo Retro"
    AC#7,126,"DeHavilland Beaver DHC2 Paint1"
    AC#8,126,"DeHavilland Beaver DHC2 Paint2"
    AC#9,126,"DeHavilland Beaver DHC2"


    It's a floatplane!!!

  • JF Staff

    This will be removed in the next updated.

  • @Rich
    Thanks Rich. We'veeen around this loop before, so they must've accidently crept back in.