aussie planes and airports

  • having uploaded the new version of tg have noticed that there are no Virgin Australia planes. at any airport.
    all the rex saab planes bounce up and down when parked as well as taxiing out
    not much traffic flying too.

  • @aardvark111
    I'm sorry to say that you'll find all of the Saab 340s wobble about when parked and may tend to 'wander' when taxiing. It's something that was reported many times during the EA process but was never resolved.

  • @aardvark111
    I couldn't see any Virgin Australia down under either but, decompiling the traffic bgl may explain why (at least, in my case):


    [note the destinations!]
    Virgin Australia B738s @ HEGN:
    B738 Virgin Australia @ HEGN.jpg
    [It might also be worth noting here that none of the VA B738s were allocated tail numbers]
    [FSX-SE TG v1.1.2.0 compiled with error correction full right for more flightplans with 'use excludes list' checked and 'use alternative liveries' checked]
    Since I thought that these out of place aircraft may have ben the result of compiling with 'use alternative liveries' checked, I recompiled for more realistic flightplans (slider fully left), with 'use excludes list' only checked & results were the same. No VA @ YSSY but still @ HEGN.

  • @Capt-Quirk interesting, have tried a few things, but the latest version wont update fsx, well for me anyway. lets hope there;s and update to fix all errors.

  • @aardvark111
    I also had problems with this version as, initially at least, the compilation didn't appear to be doing anything[FSX-SE].
    Finally, after much faffing about, I rather miraculaously managed to get all 3 - airlines, GA & even cargo (which I haven't been able to compile since v1.1.1.6) to complete.
    I could only accomplish that by doing each one separately and it took forever to complete each one.
    As far as fixes go, though there are some welcome additions, TG itself seems to me to be rolling backwards.
    Quite aside from historically reported problems remaining, several issues that were fixed in previously releases have crept back in, together with all kinds of other gremlins.
    EDIT: the 'new' version of v1.1.2.0 which now appears as such on the TG home screen (downloaded 01 Jan) does manage to compile all 3 at one pass, taking a little under 20 mins to complete.

  • Of course, the simplest explanation may just be that the airline went into voluntary administration and maybe the flight database that JF is using reflects that.
    Today, I downloaded and installed the lastest v1.1.2.0 & double checked for the carrier with the same results...just those few @ HEGN.
    (compiling with 'use alternative liveries' ticked has historically caused odd substitutions of airlines, so I checked for VA flights with and without this checked)
    In fact, I wonder just what flight database is being used. If it reflects the vastly reduced traffic in 2020 then there might be the reason why TG traffic is rather thin on the ground.

  • It depends on the database that JF puts in TG airports that had flights in some no longer have flights, and airports that did not have flights in some now have flights, a problem for P3Dv5 users as the default base airports lack parking some none at all, and the airlines used in the later database has changed as well as the code number in the type box, i get the impression that some new has come in and changed things, and you have a problem trying to see the changes.