BAE146 external model wire?

  • Hi @Martyn

    I flew a few legs where I had some time to kill and review the model, I had the impression that the JF 146 model is missing something. Is the wire that is strung from the Tail to the forward fuselage does not seem to be visible, is this something that is supposed to be modeled?

    bae146 line.jpg

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  • @PVJ

    This is only on aircraft with HF Radios installed - of which there weren't that many - and many more removed during operation as VHF radio coverage improved across the world.

  • JF Staff

    With the 146-100 variant loaded, you should have a 'Toggle HF Aerial' option in the Add-ons > Just Flight 146 menu which allows you to enable/disable the HF aerial wire.

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