FD/Autopilot problems v1.06

  • Hello!

    1)Autopilot is in IAS mode and working correctly, but FD shows to pitch the nose down. V1.06

    2)During descent IAS mode just doesn't work at all, speed increases

    3)VS mode + SYNC. With all previous versions I could turn on VS mode, then with SYNC AP mode manually select vs by yoke and turn SYNC mode off, and autopilot held it. But in v1.06 it doesn't hold selectet VS, instead it holds anything, but not what I want. This problem appears during descent.

  • UPD: problem no.3 was resolved by itself while I was writing first messege. Now it works ok, but it wasn't during first minutes of descent. But problems 1 and 2 still actual.

  • For example: this is IAS mode durind descent, I turned IAS on when speed was 215.S0DnNqBGUkc.jpg

    Yes, in the screenshot you can see autopilot in sync mode, but same picture I see when it's normal.

  • JF Staff

    I've just tested it here and it's holding the selected speed to within +- 4 KIAS.

    Do you see any change in elevator trim or aircraft pitch after engaging IAS? That'd help to identify whether it's an issue with mode engagement or the pitch controller logic.

    This'll probably require a support ticket for further investigation.

  • @Martyn I've done full reinstallation and now everything works ok, so no support ticket is needed. But I think that problem can be connected with moving plane folder from p3d addons in "my documents" to other disk (it installs there automaticaly, no option to change the path, only sim path or default addons path), now I'm going to do it and test again. If everything will be ok, I will delete this thread.