FMS SID/STAR selection 1.06 issue

  • Hi,

    great to see the micro updates coming out.

    The FMS still has an issue with selecting SID STARS beyond a certain number. In my case its past 4 on the selection menu.

    I was departing ESMS malmo and needed to select option 6 which is the ERNO1K SID and I couldn't select it again. Some airports are also missing SIDS such as ESGG Landvatter TOPL3J I believe it was.


    Also the GSX update is great: issue with main door 1L door not closing, GSX keeps re-opening it. I had to disable GSX to close the 1L door for push back.

  • That's a funny coincidence, I was trying a route with ESMS departure yesterday and noticed exactly the same. It's a challenge to find a route with selectable SID/STAR, and you never know before what's in the list. Try and error....
    And yes, some Airports have no SIDs at all, e.g. LFLL Lyon St.Exupery.


  • @Martyn

    just to add the STAR arrival consistently only allows the first 2 options to be selected "1" and "2". there after I cannot select any other number for a STAR.

  • I insert sids and stars manually when I cant select them.

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  • This post is deleted!