• Anyone got working GSX profile for 300 QT that isn't trying to load people? It still thinks it is a passenger plane.

  • JF Staff

    This will be fixed by the next update but in the meantime you can download the replacement gsx.cfg file HERE

    That just needs to go into the 300QT aircraft folder.

  • @Martyn this file looks like same one I got currently -- when testing it I get stairs at back and no cargo loader at the door. I also get belt loaders at right side holds with one of them having their head shoved into an engine.

  • Hi all

    The gsx.cfg in the -300QT folder does set cargo-type to AUTO for main cargo door.
    But often not matching containers are loaded, like lower floor containers for this upper cargo door entrance.

    Suggestion how to adjust this part inside gsx.cfg file, considering "uldcodes":
    pos = -1.52 -6.47 -0.60 -4.00
    code = (L:EXT_Door_cargo_fuselage, bool)
    name = Cargo Fuselage
    embeddedStair = 0