• ++++++UPDATED and EDITED 22/12/20 v1.06++++++

    Hi JF Team,

    On the strength of your visible commitment and engagement with the forums, I thought it would only be right to support you in your endeavours with the 146 - so I bought it a few hours ago!

    Lots of fun to fly, certainly a different era to the typical Boeing and Airbus jets I sim with usually, so a definite challenge for me. I successfully (passengers might not agree...) completed my first round trip with it and enjoyed the beautiful modelling inside and out.

    Please indulge me with my initial questions/thoughts/ideas - would appreciate your feedback and assistance:

    1. I'm a big Simbrief user, so some level of compatibility with Simbrief would be useful. In particular, A) the ability to import flight plans to the FMC, and b) the ability to enter a ZFW in KG directly in to the load manager, as it's very fiddly using the sliders.

    2. It'd be great to be able to switch the FMS to use KG units.

    3. Had some trouble capturing the ILS, but this could be me, and I see there is potentially a fix surrounding this being rolled out in a future update.

    4. Could someone explain how the VNAV system in the FMS works? The manual did not give much detail as to how this integrates with the autopilot. Is this a plane in which descents must be planned and managed completely manually, or is there a level of automation available?

    5. Often there is a snap/click/pop instead of a sound being played, when turning a knob or flicking a switch. Hard to reproduce as seems to be intermittent. 22/12/20 - on further inspection/hacking around, the sounds all seem to be 44.1khz 16bit stereo wavs, and I think there may not be enough buffer(?) In the p3d sound engine to handle this reliably. Could you perhaps investigate a 22.5khz lower quality version of the sounds? Strange as my computer is pretty decent (10700k, 32gb ram...). Wonder if it could be due to using an external audio interface?

    6. I think it would really add to the immersion if there were some rattle/shake/squeak type noises during turbulence and rough air. The little jets tend to get thrown around a bit during weather, and I bet they're pretty creaky!

    7. Is there a standard or recommended climb/cruise/descend speed schedule?

    8. Anyone fancy doing a Palmair/Flightline livery? 🙂 thanks @Geordie !

    9. Is there a plan to release an Avro RJ Expansion pack?

    10. The air conditioning pack sounds are pretty quiet, is this deliberate?

    Thanks, and sorry for the long rant!


  • Like this Palmair/Flightline livery FC? 😉 Hot off the press tonight, a few minor tweaks to make but I'll endeavour to upload the repaint to the usual outlets in the next day or so...


    2020-12-16_20-15-59-131 (2).jpg 2020-12-16_20-21-1-860.jpg

  • @Geordie wow! That looks incredible! EGHH-LEPA is now scheduled 🙂 interested to see how much payload I can take as a route like that must have been at the edge of the 146's range....

  • Hey @Martyn and team, I've updated to 1.06 and the EFB was a great early Xmas present - certainly helps with entering weights accurately. I've also found that the ILS issue is resolved - I can certainly capture and fly ILS approaches easily this time. Thank you!

    From my list above, I'm still trying to figure out a few points, so if you or any other forum members could help me out, that'd be appreciated!

  • Just an update to my point 5 above, regarding the audio clicks and pops.

    I batch converted all of the panel sound WAVs to 22.05khz, 16bit using Voxengo R8Brain, and the problem is solved!

    @Martyn and team, it would be great if a 22.05khz sample set could be switched in using a utility like the panel resolution one - I see I'm not the only person who's had this issue.

  • @FailCold Awesome find regarding the audio pops/clicks - I too was having the same issue!

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the info on the sounds. We'll investigate!