Startup Configuration

  • Just started playing with 1.05 - it’s impressive how fast these updates are coming and the improvements being made.

    When starting a simulation of a cold 300QT - I noted the default switch settings are as follows, and I suggest could be corrected to something better/correct. These are unusual and I would expect them to be in the position indicated in brackets from the previous crew.

    HYD DC Pump in BATT (OFF)

    • DC Pump is rarely in BATT except during NNMs. Also the DC PUMP switch should spring load back to OFF. You hold it in ON to pump up the yellow system brake pressure and then releae it when you have at least 2500 PSI.



    Start Selector in 1 (OFF)

    ENG ANT-ICE selectors OFF (ON)

    • Engines are started with the EAI selectors in ON. Hence during pre-flight (and after shutdown at the end of a flight) they are left in ON for the next flight. Prior to (after) Start they only go OFF when setting up the TMS for a non-icing conditions departure. Then After Start they are switched OFF unless in icing conditions.


    • I have not seen this type of pressurisation panel but I suspect it’s unlikely the unit is left in DITCH.

    Gear Lever UP (DOWN)

    • This one I’m pretty confident is wrong.

    RHS VHF NAV 000.00 (not a valid selection)

    • Is there any way to get the digital NAV on both sides?

    When selecting RNAV with no power the CDI moves

    RUD TRIM full left (Neutral)
    AIL TRIM Full Left (Neutral)
    Park Brake in EMG position (Yellow)
    Brake Temp in Test. (OFF)
    Cabin Temp Selectors in COOL (Mid Position)
    Crew Oxygen ON (OFF)
    All lighting rheostats (Lots of them) are at min position (MID)
    TMS Temp Selector at 600 (820)

    • 810 or 820 is the “default” climb selection and so having 600 there is odd. You would leave it in 810 or 820 (company choice) unless planning on icing conditions after takeoff in which case you might set 840 during pre-flight. But leave it on 810/820 outside of that.

    WXR Tilt at -15 (+4)

    • +4 is for after takeoff. Some more conservative SOPs would suggest +15 in case the unit is powered during pre-flight.

    TGT bugs 0 (857)

    • the bugs don’t move without power, which is incorrect. The bugs are mechanical, as are the digital readouts, so they can be set without aircraft power. Also we need a way to (a) set them faster; and (b) set them all at once; and (c) set them to individual degrees. For the LF502R, max continuous TGT is 857 and this is pretty much where these bugs live all the time. I would suggest setting 857 by default and work on (a)-(c) above ideally.

    N1 Bugs 0 (Last Flight).

    • the N1 bugs woudl not be zero. They are set as part of the TMS setup and for an arrival and shutdown they would be left in the thrust setting that was appropriate for go-around thrust from the previous arrival. That’s a little hard to predict so I would suggest setting them to 97 by defaut (Max Con Thrust).


  • JF Staff

    Hi Ken,

    How are you configuring the aircraft in cold & dark? Are you loading it immediately after launching P3D (rather than switching from another aircraft) and then selecting the cold & dark option after the approx. 10 second initialisation period? The controls are configured as per your bracketed suggestions for me when using the method above. The only exceptions are the TMS and engine instrument bugs which I'll change now.


  • @Martyn

    1. Uninstalled 1.04
    2. Installed 1.05
    3. Ran P3D and opened the default 146 from the startup screenm in YMML Melbourne at Stand B23
      I did NOT select old and dark option, sorry - will go look at that tomorrw.