KLAS raised ground textures in P3D v4.5

  • I have been experiencing an elevation issue at KLAS. In the GA parking area near the buildings there are raised ground textures in the GA parking area. Here is what I am seeing.

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    I use ORBX scenery as well as Pilot's mesh. Disabling all of the ORBX scenery and the Pilot's mesh did not remove the raised ground textures. Only by unchecking the Traffic Global Airport Facilities in the P3D v4.5 scenery library did the issue go away. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue without turning off the Airport Facilities?

  • Open TG then the AirportFacilites at the top then open the Scenery folder and find AFX_KLAS.BGL then select and edit like this,
    AFX_KLAS.BGL.OFF adding the .OFF will turn of the BGL without turning of the folder.

  • There is no Airport Traffic accessible from within the Traffic Global app that I can find. I have however found the file under the Airport Facilities folder and renamed it to OFF. That did not fix the issue. I will add that I an running P3D v4.5 as well as P3D v5 and the issue does not present itself in v5, only in v4.5. Same ORBX scenery and same Pilot's mesh.

  • This could be a KLAS_CVX.BGL in your 4.5 that may be causing the problem check in Scenery\World\Scenery.

  • There is no such file under Scenery\World\Scenery. Why would that have an effect anyway when disabling the airport facilities under the scenery library fixes the issue?

  • All addon airport have a CVX.BGL this is the elevation and ORBX scenery uses them also Pilots mesh try removing the mesh from 4.5, i have used Pilot`s mesh scenery and it can and has caused elevation issues in some areas.

  • I have searched for all KLAS bgl files under the P3D v4.5 folder and modified each one at a time to off with no change. This issue showed up before and I remember finding an airport file in the Airport Facilities folder that had caused the issue but I cannot find any record of my finding in my files. To troubleshoot I moved every file out of the Airport Facilities folder and started P3D v4.5 at KLAS but still had the issue. Only disabling Airport Facilities in my scenery library fixes the issue. Right now I don't feel like putting any more time into this apparent fruitless effort. The issue does not exist in P3D v5.1 so I will use that when I choose to fly into or out of KLAS, at least for now. I want to thank you for your suggestions. If you can think of anything else that might be causing this issue please let me know. Thanks again.

  • Doing some more digging on this, I can start a flight at KLAS at one of the gates. I then change airport location to N Parking 16 where the raised ground textures show. If I then go to change airport location the simulator thinks that I am at Las Vegas Helipad JFKL. I cannot find any bgl file with that designation but that seems to be what is causing this issue.

  • I found the solution. Under My Documents\TrafficGlobal\AirportFacilities\Scenery I found the file AF2_JFKL.BGL which I renaamed to AF2_JFKL.OFF.

  • @jfwharton said in KLAS raised ground textures in P3D v4.5:

    I found the solution. Under My Documents\TrafficGlobal\AirportFacilities\Scenery I found the file AF2_JFKL.BGL which I renaamed to AF2_JFKL.OFF.

    If you use GSX 2 you should remove all AF2 BGLs as this will conflict with GSX2.

  • Same problem here at EHAM, raised airport scenery and all traffic suck halfway in the ground.
    Tried reinstalling but still the same issue.