v1.1.1.9 GA ... or not...

  • I realise, of course, that this was not one of the issues fixed in this latest release of TG but, in FSX-SE at least, a good half of the included GA models still seem to be invisible in both dx9 and dx10.

  • Running v1.1.1.9 in P3D v4.5
    Big improvement for me at least. Full skies and plenty of Statics, all adjustable to taste.
    Thank you.

  • I'm curious. Are all the GA planes visible in 64bit (P3D)? Have any other FSX users also noticed that they're missing, or is it just me???

    I've yet to see any of these models since they were introduced into TG:
    [lights & fx are visible]

    C152 [though, oddly, one repaint does appear in sim]

  • @Capt-Quirk
    TG not used much anymore but as of v1.1.1.9 no visible GA models (lights and fx are visible) in FSX SE outside of the C152 referenced

  • @vortexwake
    Thanks. Maybe an issue with just FSX, then.
    The only other time I've encountered invisible ai is when using AIG planes with 64bit models.

    Last heard from Rich (3 Sept 2020):
    "FSX compatibility is being worked on to solve the invisible aircraft issue. Currently the developer isn't able to find the cause, but its being actively worked on."

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Do recall some of the GA models being visible in a release prior to v1.1.1.9 (not sure of the specific version number) but the model invisibility issue has been present in at least the last two versions for FSX users. Possibly longer as it may have gone unnoticed by some users.

    Unfortunate that JF have not been able to identify and correct this bug.

  • Your not alone in P3Dv5 some cargo aircraft do not show in My AI plans even through they do not have errors, i get the impression that they work on TG when they have time between making new products for MSFS and aircraft for release and sale. It will still need work after the 3 year release date, just hope they don`t start on a AI program for MSFS this one will never be finished, having said that this one is finished as far as JF are concerned just some patches after final release. which it is now in the JF products.

  • @Ray-Fry
    Agreed that TG FSX/P3D likely does not get the same level of attention when it comes to addressing some of the lingering issues that still present themselves today, as it did when it was first released in EA format approaching 3 years ago.

    Rich has made some improvements to the program from it's initial release, but if as JF have stated in this forum and on their product home page, that for all intents and purposes that TG is complete save for some additional post final release patches, then it would seem likely that market forces will drive them to focus more on MSFS and individual aircraft releases.

  • @vortexwake
    If the X-Plane version of TG is anything to go by, I would be quite amazed if JF aren't already working toward porting it to FSMMXX.
    As Ray says, they have never shown much real enthusiasm for developing this version.
    Aside from Rich working part time on the actual programming side, most of the rest appears to have been sub-contracted, which may explain why sorting out these GA models is taking so long.

  • The S340s have never been sorted reported over a year ago jumping around at the gate.

  • @Ray-Fry
    Yep, they still can't seem to stay put!
    Many moons ago now, when that was originally reported and JF looked into it, Rich reckoned that it was apparently not fixable (as far as I recall), so I guess that was another issue they've just abandoned.

  • I have just downloaded and installed the latest version of v1.1.2.0 (now showing as such on the home screen) and noticed that we've reverted to using default ai in place of most of the 'invisible' GA aircraft.

    Beaver [floatplane]

    Cherokee [still not visible in FSX-SE]