Buy P3D version then move to FS2020 version?

  • Hi,

    I have stopped buying any P3D add-on since a long while because of FS2020 release
    (which I haven't installed yet).

    Is there some kind of discounted/free upgrade path from P3D version to the FS2020 version?
    I know it is early to ask this question but if there already is information available, please share it so already I could buy the P3D version and move later to the FS2020.
    Obviously I don't want to fork out 75 euri twice, but I don't mind to pay a reasonable upgrade fee.


  • Bump

    Any news about this?
    We are now 5 months further (and still I haven't bought the 146)

  • JF Staff

    @Egbert-Drenth We hope to be developing and releasing the MSFS version yes and if that happens there will be an offer for those who already own the P3D version, rest assured.