Engine Start

  • I’ve noticed the Engine Start TGT’s are pretty brutal - in that the TGT rises quickly towards the limit and then sits up there (with my heart in my throat) until the start cycle is complete. My experience of starting these Lycoming engines is quite different. For a cold engine, there’s a two stage cycle where the TGTs can get up into the low 600’s (depending on age/wear), then the acceleration pasues as the N2 passes 40% (Starter Cutout; Two Lights Out) and there’s a short burst of futher TGT advance (about 40 degrees) before a genuine roll back of TGT towards the idle value as N1 stabilises at the minimum. If the engine is Hot when it starts (>150 TGT) then the cycle is similar - but hotter, still not right up at the 850 degree mark I’m seeing in the JF146 model. I can provide a video of a start if it’s of use.

    I’m curious where the starting model was sourced from?


    P.S. The following starts are with Warm engines , so Fuel On was delayed until the TGTs had dropped, rather than 10% N2

    BAe146 Engine Start

  • Another (incredibly minor) criticism is that after start the engines idle at exacting the same TGT. I can understand why a computer simulation does this - but the aircraft almost never do. A smll difference at this point - where the engine that is higher this time is higher next time, etc - would increaes the realism.

  • I read elsewhere on this forum that they are aware of the TGT rising too much on engine start and they plan to address it.

  • @regis9 Thanks - still working back through all the posts in the forum.