Ice Detect Caution Light

  • Anyone know if its normal for the Ice Detected light to stay on. I am on the ground and it is amber on the warning panel followed by another amber warning light saying wings not de-iced. I get this whilst on the ground with temperature 5 degrees. when airborne I turn on the wing anti ice and the wing ice light goes off but Ice detected stays on.

  • I had this too tonight on a departure out of Montreal. It was 3C and raining on the ground but the light never extinguished even after I turned on all de-icing. Curious to learn more.

  • The ice detector is a funky thing on the 146 — it's a rotating serrated shaft driven by a motor next to a knife edge.

    As ice builds up between the knife edge and shaft the rotation will create an opposite torque response which will trigger the light. As long as you are in icing conditions the light will always be illuminated.

    Basically only until the ice falls or melts off the unit, and a sixty second time delay, will the light extinguish. It has no relation to the actual position of the de-ice or anti-ice switches.

    alt text

  • @plhought Thank you for that explanation, so i'm clear ice detect stays on as you say but then when i get wings not de-iced warning, does this mean I need to put wing anti ice on whilst on the ground or can this just be ignored as im in icing conditions ?

  • Wings Not De-Iced is more a product of configuration than any detection.

    alt text

    Basically it's reminding you to turn on your inner wing de-ice for a bit - usually maximum one minute - than you can turn it off and the anti ice will be sufficient to keep any further ice from building on the large center section leading edge.

  • @plhought perfect thank you for this explanation and can wing anti ice and tail anti ice be used on the ground or only in the air ?