Takeoff Speed Bugs

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for the inclusion of the automatic setting of the speed bugs in the latest update. It does seem the order of the bugs needs to be shifted around a little though.

    As of the latest update when the takeoff data card is clicked you get the following:

    1st -Inner orange bug - V1/VR (This should be indicating V2)
    2nd -Outer Yellow bug - V2 (Should indicate V1/VR, I believe there should be another white outer bug here to allow bugging of V1 and VR separately but not really required)
    3rd -Outer Red bug - VFTO - (This is correct)
    4th -Outer Orange bug - VER - (this is correct)

    The orange and red bugs might be the wrong way around but I'm not that pedantic!

    Kind regards,


  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the info, I'll change that in the next build. I struggled to identify the order from the videos I could find!