before buyng

  • HI
    Before buying would like to know is it possible install Bae146 professional to Windows 7 64 bit ( i use P3D4.5) ?
    I have bought at the time JUSTFLIGHT - 146-200/300 JETLINER and JUSTFLIGHT - 146-300QT QUIET TRADER JETLINER.
    Is there no discount for buying a new Bae 146 professional now?


  • JF Staff

    Hi Felix,

    Unfortunately we no longer use Windows 7 so can't guarantee compatibility but hopefully someone here can advise on that.

    There's no discount for owners of the old 146 product as they are entirely separate (the older one was developed by CLS approx. a decade ago) with zero reuse of content between them.


  • Hi

    can anyone here give advice - it`s possible install 146 professional to Windows 7 64bit ?
    I am also satisfied with the simple answer "yes" or "no"!

  • I took the risk and bought. I can tell that 146 professional works with Windows 7. I'm not sure if all systems are fully functional because I have too P3D4.5 and for example, dynamic cab lighting works only P3D5 and there may be something else that is not fully working P3D4.5. Anyway, I'm happy right now!

  • JF Staff

    Great, thanks for confirming!