Stairs not coming out at arrival

  • Hi
    Stairs work before departure - can open door and release stairs.
    Then departing for a flight. On arrival and door open, the stairs button does not work anymore.
    Is there any condition for the stairs to work?
    (P3D5.1hf1, v1.03, 146-100)
    Thank you

  • Hydraulics set as described in the manual?

  • hi concordeAG
    just tried different settings for yel hyd.
    only works for me with eng2 running (stair up and down).
    If I understand the manual correctly, deployment should work with gravity only - without hyd. pressure.

  • I found my fault: AC bus tie on makes the magic happen 🙂 (= hyd press goes up from 2.5 to 3 psi and stairs work)