New to the BAe146 (& JustFlight)

  • Howdy All

    After 20 years on the Boeing 777, the end of 2020 saw me converting to the BAe146. To say the transition has been something of a shock to the system is an understatement. As a checker and trainer on the 777 I've been creating content and training material on the aircraft since the late 90's. I maintain a web site ( and YouTube channel ( where you'll now start to find content on the BAe146. Having made a false start with the AvroLiner product - I took the plunge with JustFlight's release of the BAe146 and I'm blown away. I hope one day to be training and checking on the BAe146 and having something like this at home on my PC is amazing - thanks very much.

    For those of you interested in the BAe146, have a look at the Facebook Group Queen of the Skies - BAe/Avro 146RJ Appreciation Group

    I've recently just completed a ferry of a BAe146 Freighter from Cologne, Germany to Bankstown, Australia. You can read about it and see the photos at my site - there are ten posts in all across the various stages of the journey. Note these posts require a password which is Letmein

    Finally - I had developed a pretty comprehensive set of SOP documentation on the B777 - I'll be doing the same for the 777 and will place it on my site as it develops. I know from the PMDG 777 forums that these can be of interest and even use to Simmers.

    As I use P3D and JF's BAe146 product more I will be back in here looking for help. Thanks in advance for your patience.

    Regards, Ken Pascoe

  • @KenPasce

    Hi Ken,

    Great to have you here! The website and Youtube channel look fantastic and I'm really looking forward to some 146 content. The SOP/Flow example you have included in your post looks very "user friendly" and easy to follow.

    I hope that perhaps the 146 fleet allows for maybe more time at home and a little less jet lag for you...

    I'm going to make an assumption you may fly for an Aussie outfit starting with a P. If so, you have a couple of black and white 146's in your fleet I used to work with. Can you tell me if VH-SIF still has the trimble GPS unit installed? I would be really impressed if the thing is still in use!

    Also - It looks like a password is required to access most of the stuff on your site. But perhaps I need to register somewhere? EDIT- I JUST RE-READ and saw the error of my ways!



  • @Jumbolino It’s only the Ferry posts that require a password. Politics ...

    I haven’t flown SIF yet, but I think that all of the machines here have the Universal 1L’s in them. Trying to wrap my head around that thing now. I’ve been hunting the web for an emulator for it, and was hoping the JF one would come with it ...

  • @KenPasce I'm glad the FMS was updated, the previous unit was something like a Trimble "freeflight 2101". It was unbelievable the thing was in use, even in the 2010's. Interestingly enough though, when GPS became mandatory within certain European airspace it meant the 146 was fully capable. However, newer Boeing types that relied on IRS as a primary nav source were not compliant.

    The ferry flight looks really interesting, I'm looking forward to taking a read through. I also will be waiting with bated breath to get my hands on those colorful SOP's!

    Kind regards,


  • @KenPascoe holy moly - Nice!
    Looking forward to what ever comes next from your end 🙂

    Thanks Ken!


  • Hi All

    My flow diagram from this post was copied and distributed elsewhere. While this is the internet and that happens - I stupidly put the company logo on it which is not kosher (missed that when I posted it here). I’ve removed it for now and will post a full set of diagrams (a) when I finish them and (b) without any company logo on; for Simmers to use - not pilots in actual aircraft. In the meantime if I could ask that no further distribution occurs, I don’t want to get in trouble with my new employer.

    Thanks, Ken