No pop up or power to fms

  • Have installed the latest version, however I have no power to the fms or even the ability to have the pop up from top menu. I also tried the flight1 GTN750 also no power to that. Obviously something is wrong. If most are not having this problem then my system is not liking something. It’s a clean copy of p3d v5 with no other fs versions on it. It’s a new system so maybe missing something. Is there any computer specialists able to solve this problem.

  • @Oskar3058 Same here. I've filed a ticket.

  • I filed one too

  • JF Staff

    For those having issues with either the FMC not working or the Font showing larger than it should be could you please try the following file

    This needs to go in the following location: \SimObjects\Airplanes\JF_146-100\panel\

    Please do not overwrite the file but either delete or back up the old version first and then place the file from the zip in its place.

    Once done you can then test the font and FMC usage and if you can report back here with the following information.

    1. are you running P3D as an administrator?
    2. Which Edition and version of Windows are you running?
    3. What is the full version number of P3D you are using? (this can be found in your add/remove programs of Help>About in P3D

  • Think this is an activation issue as I have not once been asked to ativate my product.