BAe 146 LVAR values

  • I too would be interested, I have complete photo session with measurements of the old BRA avro RJs on me, and I'm keen to build some panels. More so for the RJ, but I assume things like the overhead are very similar.

  • JF Staff

    Yes, it's only really the pressurisation controller that differs on the overhead of the RJ.

  • @Martyn G'day Martyn, the full list of LVARs would be amazing when you can get to it but even for the moment just the common ones like the light panel (landing, taxi etc), APU and things like that would be really helpful.

    Many thanks


  • @Maarp Oh and I almost forgot, I'd really like to be able to move the throttles from cutoff to idle via a FIP button during engine start. If you could tell us what those LVARs are, you'd be a complete legend!


  • Hi all,
    I'm afraid that Lvars in the actual state won't be sufficient to do a very good job. With a registred version of FSUIPC I was able to get Lvars ( "List local panel vars" associated to a keypress) and it was helpful to program many things in a lua script (keypress generated by my hardware controllers are linked to specific actions in the script). The solution is good for "simple" panel buttons but there's no Lvar to manage rotary buttons (heading, altitude, speed, TGT, N1, Course,....). I didn't find Lvars to manage Throttle cutoff/on position. So I'm using FSUIPC Mouse macro function to manage all that stuff. It's ok for throttle but the performance is very weak for rotary knobs.

    Perhaps some Lvars are not accessible right now and JF will make them usable? Let's wait for their list...


  • JF Staff

    Have you tried Pete Dawsons xml_LAVRs addon?

  • @Skipy69 Thanks Skipy, I do have a registered FSUIPC and I'm only moderatly proficient with it. I must admit I didn't know there was a List function, I'd been using the Event and Data monitors to find LVARs.

    Thanks mate

  • @Craig No. Is it the one which add a 2D panel with Lvars updated in real time? I was using it by the past when a static list can't help me to find Lvars names or values. In this case The Lvars names are easy to find but a lot of them can't be used to assign a value like a new heading or altitude.

  • @Craig Hey Craig, no I havn't, but I will now!

  • @Martyn

    If you are able to publish this, that would be great. It would be useful to know before I commit to purchase.
    I already own the QW and some of the functions are disabled such as LNAV and VNAV via LVAR. They are not bound to EventIDs either. I can use FSUIPC to create mouse macros which natively works, but I use MobiFlight too, so I will need to know if a button is set to 1 or 0 to toggle the LED on my push buttons.

    Feel free to PM me if preferred.


  • @Martyn

    Any feedback available?