BAe 146 Professional - Cockpit Lighting

  • Hi all,
    Anyone else having issues with cockpit lighting? In P3D v4.5, the cockpit is extremely dark at night and while the instruments do illuminate, the panel lights are very dull and the flood/entry lights don't appear to work at all.
    I haven't raised a ticket yet, thought I'd sound out the community first before doing the admin...

  • JF Staff

    The full dynamic flood lighting is unfortunately only available in P3D v5 as v4 does not support that type of dynamic lighting, however the lighting that is available in v4 shouldn't be dull/dim.

    Can you submit a support ticket and send the support team some screenshots so we can investigate and tweak them accordingly?


  • Hi Geordie.
    Although v4.5 does not have dynamic lighting in the cockpit, it should not be dark in there - see the screenshot below, taken in v4.5.
    The flood lighting is on/off rather than variable as in v5.x and is switched on by completely rotating the controls next to the ones that vary the instrument lighting on the pilot and co-pilot sides.
    146 flood_1000.jpg

  • Thanks @Martyn-Becker, as I mentioned in my original post the instrument and panel lights work on the pedestal, overhead, main panel and glareshield but the main panel flood is rather dull, and the console flood, flight deck emergency lights and entry light don't work at all (the physical lights switch on but don't actually illuminate the cockpit). The sill and lap lights don't work either.
    I appreciate it's not entirely pitch dark nor totally unusuable, and it's ultimately a relatively trivial matter considering the superb package the fine folks at JF have otherwise assembled, but it does make life a little more challenging (and detracts a little from the immersion) during the early starts or late finishes when you're fumbling around in the dark and can't see large swathes of the flightdeck, especially if you're setting up from C&D.
    I've raised a ticket anyway and I'm sure the team will work their magic in due course.