BAe 146 Professional Ice detection / speed gauge problem

  • On both flights I performed today in the new BAe 146 I encountered the same problem relating to Ice detection and the speed gauge.

    The Ice detected light turns on, and keeps burning for the entire flight, even with all ice protections and heatings turned on. The second flight I did, I even started my flight (in the Mediterranean, not that cold) with all these turned on, just to be sure. After landing at LMML (Malta), the Ice detected light keeps burning, even long after landing. It seems ice protection doesn't work.

    The problem with the speed gauge might be related to this (guesse pitot icing). The speed gauge keeps switching between actual speed and 0 knots. This problem starts around the same time as the ice decected light turns on. Sometimes I don't see my actual speed for minutes.

    I would like to know if these issues might be related to each other and if there is a problem in the ice protection system.

  • Same for me

  • JF Staff

    Both issues will be fixed in the next update.

    Thanks for reporting these.

  • @Martyn Thanks for that!