Not able to start TG app?

  • Hello all,

    I made an observation that might also concerns others, so I will gladly share it here: From one day to another, I could not run the TG app anymore because it wouldn't start. Only way to start it, was to install again, then it worked exactly once. Now I found out why - for some reason, the EXE-File did not start with administrative rights anymore. I suspect a windows update has caused this as basically all applications I use with P3D suddenly had no adminstrative rights which causes massive problems (even uninstaller eg.) So I don't know what brain-dead idiot at Microsoft thought this up, but if you have the problem, change to options to "run as an administrator" and it will work again.
    Best regards

  • My flight sim and addons that need to run in the sim start with admin rights since day one of TG, and all are excluded form my AV.
    Been running TG since May 2018 no problem.