FS2020 Version

  • So now that the P3D version’s development is coming to a close(aside from bug fixes of course), and X-Plane’s version also seems to be nearing the horizon, does JustFlight plan on starting on working towards an FS2020 version soon, or is there still not enough usable software in the SDK to start work towards an FS2020 version?

  • JF Staff

    @Noob21 We plan to you yes but are aware of the shortcomings of the SDK so as things stand the FS2020 version would be inferior to the version we're about to release. We don't want that so we're investigating and will continue to do so and also try and work with MS and Asobo to make the required changes and see progress on all fronts. Big hopes for 2021 and fingers crossed.

  • @Voice-of-Reason has the JF team told Asobo what resources and mechanics are required for the ability to properly model everything already present in the other versions, and have they given any possible timeline on those resources and mechanics being implemented?

  • JF Staff

    That would be an ecumenical matter...

  • @Derek True... Have you guys considered just developing an inferior version anyways, and releasing a “professional” version later? I do know you guys have previously released basic versions of planes like the VC-10 and Tristar before releasing professional versions later on. Or is this no longer a part of JustFlight’s development philosophy? Or is there just not a sizable market to make it worth it in your eyes?

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    @Noob21 said in FS2020 Version:

    Have you guys considered just developing an inferior version

    No - I don't think that would be a very good move if there is a pro version available for the other games. I think we will all just have to be patient and if it becomes possible to make study-level versions of aircraft in the new game, and there is a reasonable user base, then we will do so. In the meantime, you'll just have to make do with buying airports and going sightseeing.

  • @Noob21 I think that reason let Justflight keep waitting is the same reason make PMDG delate they NG3 release:the MSFS SDK far away from "useble".Even fly by wire——the crew make free fix for MSFS 320NEO——keep run in trouble when MSFS
    getting version update.This is a very unstable devlop environment,and I think beside the "All hail MSFS Aerosoft",No Addon company will waste time in this devlop hell that update will make aircraft addon unuseble every time.
    Even FSDT delate they GSX plan for MSFS.The MSFS default pushback is completely rubbish and make you fell hell,FSDT can make tons of money from just that absolutely,but they don`t.You know why.

  • @Derek shame, but understandable. I will happily wait to eventually see that content, it’s just a bit sad that it will take so long for the SDK to be usable for devs. And the default jets are quite lackluster, and don’t even fully exploit what resources they have available. I can’t wait to see some study level third party jets utilize the new interactive checklist system mainly.