X-Plane Version - FMS System

  • Hello Justlflight team,

    I always liked the BAe 146 Series and used the quality wings model in FSX quite extensively. I have some questions regarding the FMS System in the X-Plane Version of the plane.

    The P3D version looks like it simulates a custom Universal UNS-1 FMS. The X-Plane screenshots show a placeholder texture at the FMS slot. Which FMS can we expect?

    • custom Universal UNS-1 FMS
    • default X-Plane Smith FMS
    • default X-Plane Smith FMS disguised as GNS-XLS, UNS-1
    • custom Honeywell GNS-XLS FMS (like QW Wings did model)
    • ability to insert RealityXP GTN750 or EADT KLN-90B


  • JF Staff

    This is something that we are currently investigating and we've yet to confirm which option(s) will be available. We'll provide more details on this ASAP.

  • Thanks for the fast and honest answer.

    Real pictures show a wild mixture of FMS Systems on the 146: UNS-1, GNS-XLS, Trimble 2000/KLN-90B