Default traffic

  • I have installed on laptop and I done it twice the same I normaly do into steam. Everything works but I get a lot default traffic where I had none on my old traffic. I done the compilr traffic and still the same. I have global and default and a lot of default.
    Any ideas why it's not disabling it

  • And just to add.
    I have
    In my world files.

  • I changed the aircraft.bgl to
    This seems to have worked. Have I done
    Is this going have any effect on anything else. So far cant find a default again

  • You did the right thing, the default traffic.bgl file should be disabled for traffic global.

    It won't cause any problems with anything else.


    Simon B.

  • Cheers. Dont get why it didn't do it. It did on older laptop. And says disable default on install odd

  • Sounds to me like you didn't delete any leftover files after uninstalling the sim. TG would have only seen the one file that was already disabled. Seems it didn't notice the other file.


    Simon B.

  • This can happen if you use P3D and you update it will place a new traffic file in scenery\world\scenery.