Traffic Global doesn't seem to be working for my anymore, P3Dv5.1

  • Hey y'all, I updated to P3Dv5.1 last night and I recompiled the database but TG doesn't seem to be working at all anymore.

    any ideas?

  • It does work with 5.1 mine is working fine.

    How did you update to 5.1?

    I had to completely wipe my P3Dv5 SSD and start with a fresh install to solve some irksome bugs, after first trying to update it with add-ons still in situ.


    Simon B.

  • If you did a full install you need to re-install TG, but you only need to update three folders Client , scenery ,content.
    In fact you can get away with only updating the client but you should delete the shaders and the Config file before starting v5.1 this will put you back to default settings then tweak again for best performance.
    IF you find an addon not working correctly disable it to check then look for the Dev update.