3rd Party AI additions

  • Is it possible to add 3rd party AI models and liveries to TG? By 3rd party I am referring to models created by JCAI.DK, Juergenbaum and ATCO etc

  • JF Staff

    @Lockheed-lad said in 3rd Party AI additions:


    You can. You'll need to include it in the TG aircraft folder and use the Import Aircraft option in AI Fleet

  • Well I have spent the last 3 hours trying to add an FSPXAI A330-300 with the new Aer Lingus colours (no EI 330 yet model provided in TG) by adding this to the TG aircraft folder then importing via the Import Aircraft option as tay suggested. I set up a simple flight plan from EINN to EIDW which has been compiled.

    After lots a fiddling and fettling it doesn't work!!!!

    Has anyone managed to install a 3rd party aircraft livery and if so can you take us through how you did it please?