What are your first impressions of the VC10 Pro?

  • @stas1982 Do you have FSUIPC installed, that can sometimes screw up the door commands?
    Totally agree about the manual. It tells you to switch everything on the Hydraulic Panel on and that there should now be no warning lights on the Engineer's Panel, yet it remains lit up like a Christmas Tree.

  • JF Staff

    @stas1982 said in What are your first impressions of the VC10 Pro?:

    Hello. Please complete the manual to the aircraft. The instructions only superficial description of the systems. Just a set of descriptions of devices and switches. Please describe how they are and what they are intended for, what should be the indications and in what situations the light-signal indicators light up.
    I also do not open the door with the key combination specified in the manual. Only the main door opens and that's it. What could be the reason?

    As above we are looking at what additional information to add to the manual and we'll look at the systems descriptions too.

    Does the door issue occur on all variants? The first step with any issue is to support a support ticket as this isn't a support forum, but we are looking to add a door control panel in the next update.

  • @Martyn That gets the APU going, but still need to use the RAT for starting power, or mkjordan's GPU and move quickly start.
    Overall this is great aircraft, the bugs are not Earth stopping, just annoying.
    I would, at this price, expect a little more documentation. I'm not asking for PMDG docs, but something like a list of switches to move, rather than, just switch them all on.
    Thank you for your help.

  • FSUIPC not installed. On another BAC 1-11 aircraft, the door opening combinations are the same, but there all doors are turned off without any problems. I had a problem on the previous assembly of this aircraft. Also did not open.

  • @Martyn
    I am getting the door problem too also with other Just flight products but only with "shift + E +2".
    I do have a registered FSUIPC, perhaps that is the cause.

  • @mkjordan Is your FSUIPC up to date? I had this problem and updating FSUIPC solved it.

  • Where to get the latest version? I have an old version on my account. Where is the 1.02 version?

  • @stas1982 They haven't changed the version number on the new installer. The one in your account will be the new one.

  • Doors do not open the key combination Shift+E+2+3.... Please make a separate panel for opening doors. Instructions for the aircraft has not changed in the latest build.

  • 2019-4-10_0-24-20-376.jpg When the battery power switches on the panel are turned off, black squares instead of indicators are on the panel.

  • 2019-4-10_0-25-0-96.jpg According to the instructions it is written that it is necessary to switch this switch to a normal position. When I turn on it happens like this. Is this normal or not?

  • 2019-4-10_0-25-47-606.jpg I never have power on this bus. What is it for if it doesn't work?

  • 2019-4-10_0-43-43-488.jpg What is this toggle switch for? I understand that he changes the frequency of the current, but what is it done for?

  • JF Staff

    Please submit these to our support team for investigation (https://community.justflight.com/topic/144/technical-support-and-reporting-bugs).

    The change log on the support page (you should have also received it via email) lists all the changes made in the updates. Anything not included on the list, including the manual and door controls, are still work-in-progress.