Hello.. New guys here. Have a question

  • Hello guys,

    I am new here. Not very knowledgeable in computers and all of that but I just purchased the Traffic Global software the other day and installed it two days ago. I keep looking around and I do see the airframe at the gates but there is no movement. Nothing is either taking off or arriving. Is there something I need to do to get them going! LOL

    Also, can I use other repaints to replace the ones being used here? Like the ones from Juergen's or Kyle's?

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Pablo Vazquez

  • Hi Pablo,

    Have you complied the traffic? This is found in the compile aircraft traffic section of TG.

    I would love to add 3rd party AI models and have tried several times without success. There is a "modify/add airline details" section but the instructions on how to use it are very poor.

    I have been messing about with TG for almost 2 years and its a very frustrating programme. However it has the basis for being very good if only 3rd party AI could be added, particularly as many aircraft/liveries are still missing from the database.

    Buenos suerte!

  • Hi again,

    TG does take a while to come alive. Try speeding up the simulator-max x4 and see if this brings the traffic to life!