Can you improve on the Airline Callsigns

  • This may just be a pet pieve of mine, but several airlines call signs get "broken" after each update. This is for FSX and not sure if this is/was an issue for P3D (as mentioned by someone else recently, I haven't taken up P3D as not run afoul with the EULA)

    Some just need a space between them in the aircraft config file,
    Examples: Jetblue and British Airways. They would work if you put the space between JetBlue so it would look like: Jet Blue and SpeedBird should be Speed Bird.

    Is there any way you can fix that in future updates? I usually spend about 10 minutes after each update just to change it.

  • Incorrect, the BA callsign is "Speedbird" and has always been that.

  • @Rog You are correct and I am aware of that being true to the case, but in FSX, unless you put the space in there, it doesn't announce the Airline so SpeedBird 1 just becomes 1 . Same with JetBlue, without the space, FSX can't say it. Unless I am missing a program that fixes this issue, thats the only way to get FSX to announce the "proper" callsign when calling out an aircraft in the native ATC. If it is just an FSX issue, then not a problem and I can keep doing it for each update.

  • In FSX, for both JetBlue and British Airways, the supplied callsigns "JetBlue" and "SpeedBird" require the 'Airline' name to be "Jet Blue" and "Speed Bird" i.e. with spaces.
    I would suggest that you could use EditVoicePack to create the same callsigns if the 'non-spaced' Airline names continue to be used in TG.

  • JF Staff

    Because the database is shared between all sims, it's not possible to have different values for the callsigns for FSX, and of course I use the official callsigns for all airlines.
    As Ray says, you can use EditVoicePack to fix FSX so it can use the proper callsigns.
    Alternatively, if you want to very quickly edit all the cfg files containing "Speedbird", the free app Notepad++ will do it for you in a couple of clicks with its "find in files" feature. Point it at the TrafficGlobal fleet folder and it will alter all the files in one go.
    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks guys. As I said, I wasn't aware that this limitation was fixed so I will go ahead and do that for future updates. Makes me happy to know that. And @Rich you guys are doing a great job so far. While still lacking in some of my traffic volume, it still is a great product and happy I switched to it.