No Traffic at Stansted airport

  • And still Stansted is not showing in the drop down menu of super traffic boardScreenshot_5.jpg

  • Why do you have 2 TrafficGlobal folders installed where is Traffic Global Airport Facilities folder installed.
    And the top of your base scenery in P3DV5 is Randolph_AFB and not 1107.

  • I don't know why there is two folders I have deleted one of them. The main traffic program is installed in drive D Program files(x86) and there is another folder in C drive users/name/Documents/Prepar3Dv5 Addons I suppose that C drive is the traffic Global airport Facilities folder.
    I have done a search for the Traffic Global Airport Facilities folder but it is saying no items match your search could this be the problem.

  • The C drive is the TG default install location but when you install it will place two folders in the P3Dv5 Scenery if installed correctly, The TrafficGlobal folder is what TG uses to link with the sim the Traffic global Airport Facilities is copy of TG Scenery folder where the AFCAD bgl`s are for the airport, this must be moved below your addons if it is above your addons then the sim will ignore your addon AFCAD file and use the TG AFCAD file, this will result in the airport not working correctly and aircraft in the wrong location not matching your addon airport.
    However i think your EGSS UK2000 airport may have a problem you should ask on the UK2000 forum as someone my have had the same problem and found the fix, as i think this an airport problem and not a TG problem.
    Shown are the two TG folders in the correct location for P3Dv5.
    PS have you run makerunways in Super Traffic Board and Scan airports this should always be done after adding an airport to update the sim.
    This can be done through the Configuration TAB.

  • @Ray-Fry Yes I have run make runways in super traffic board I have now moved TG under the airport facilities. I did put a post on the uk2000 forum but they don't seem to be getting back to me, I will look on the forum to see if there is any problems.

  • just been on uk2000 forum and looks like they are blaming TG Screenshot_1.jpg

  • Begs the question why are others not having this problem in V5.
    If you go to Documents\Traffic Global then open the Airport Facilities folder scroll down to AFX_EGSS.bgl , then left click a box will appear around the entry then left click behind the bgl then edit the entry to this, AFX_EGSS.bgl.OFF this will now turn off the bgl, then recompile TG it will no longer use the TG scenery BGL only the addon bgl for UK2000 if that does not correct the problem then you have some other problem, As TG no longer compiles using the TG bgl.
    If this looks to much then just delete the EGSS bgl in traffic global scenery folder it will remove TG from having any affect on UK2OOO.
    Why did you post in the V4 UK2000 forum and not the V5 you are using V5 i take you did download the V5 updated EGSS in your account.

  • I had not realised that I had posted it v4 on uk2000 any I have done what you said but no change I will be away for just over a week as from tomorrow.

  • @dennison51
    Like i said delete AFX_EGSS.bgl from the TG scenery folder you will have excluded TG scenery form that airport and it will only use UK2000 bgl if it is installed correctly. if you still have a problem then it is not TG causing the problem which AFCAD file are you using in EGSS you do have an option in the UK2000 configurator.

  • I have deleted AFX_EGSS.bgl and there is no change I have uninstalled traffic global and have used the Alpha India Group freeware AI traffic and there is a lot of AI aircraft at EGSS so I don't know what the answer is.