Avianca Airlines

  • The last three updates has not had Avianca Airlines, but did exist in previous updates from the first issue.
    Used a couple of times for real, a major airline that has operated out of London Heathrow/ Madrid everyday for years.
    Why does it not appear in this last update of Traffic Global?? (FSX steam))

    I sincerely hope that these scheduled flight plans are not related to this poor year of passenger aviation ? Otherwise we now need to get rid of nearly all passenger 747's, certainly BA/Virgin, and a few 380's.+ probably more to mention.

    On that basis, I guess we are going to get further updates.. ??

  • According to the current flight database, it does not indicate that it would be adjusted to the current situation in the world. As for Avianca, it could be added to the flight database as well as other missing airlines.

    The flight database includes missing companies such as SAS and Czech Airlines, which contain a minimum of flights compared to old versions of the program.

  • @martin11 Okedoke Thanks for the answer Martin.
    Whats the way forward to add Avianca flight routes including LHR/ Madrid plus other recognized airline operations back onto TG? Is that by way of another update? Or something I can do ?
    Having flown on FSX recently to test TG (today) there doesn't seem to be much traffic at LHR Heathrow generally either?

  • Of course, an update would be needed as it is a large number of flights. I fly to Frankfurt where traffic is good, but most European airports have little traffic.
    It is necessary to wait for an update that will significantly increase traffic, increase the number of airlines as well as increase specific types of aircraft.

  • @martin11 Thanks for the reply Martin.
    I eagerly await the next installment in this saga..
    I'm assuming Martin you are a part of the support team for this software?
    Can this be noted as an include within the next version?

  • @ads121
    Hi Adam,
    no I'm not part of the support team, I only know what to expect in this program as it will be a year since I use it.
    Rich, who is part of the Just Flight team, could provide more information on how to proceed next week.

  • Thankyou Martin.
    I hope Rich is viewing these messages.

  • JF Staff

    @ads121 Rich will be taking a look at all the TG messages on the forum in the coming day or two, he's just busy finishing off some key 146 Pro work guys. Thanks.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the report. I've confirmed Avianca Airlines are missing from the current schedules and I'll get them added in the next update.