No planes en route

  • Hi, I have been using Traffic Global for some time (I think more than a year). Great program for AI traffic, but it only works when I'm on the ground at the airport! When I'm flying, I never find a broken plane! I have flown on LIRF, LIMF, KJFK, EHAM (for example) but I never find any aircraft in flight. How is this possible? I have tried at different times of the day and night to intertwine departures and arrivals, but nothing ever changes. On the ground it seems that everyone leaves and arrives, but in flight there is no plane en route.
    Is there any option to change?


  • Has this been only for this version, or previous versions as well?

  • Hi KingMinionBob, let's say it's kinda for all versions (V4 -> V5). My friend also noticed the same "problem". Airports are well populated, while there is very little en route.

  • JF Staff

    Do you have airport vehicles enabled? If so that will delay aircraft from getting into the air when a flight loads as it makes AI go through several extra ground procedures.
    I do see a lot of flights in the air though. I just sat at a default version of Heathrow and within 10 minutes there were a number of flights arriving.

  • Hi, I have disabled all ground airport traffic. I only have GSX level 2.
    But I see the planes take off and land (always few),, but when I am in flight, for example from LIMC to LIRF, I see maybe a plane en route, they are all on the ground at the airport (at any time of the day or night)