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  • I have recently re bought traffic global after getting a refund approx 1 year ago, at the moment I have noticed the following issues, some of which I know have already been reported.

    1. Appear to be a lot less traffic and flights, I am using FSX on windows 10.

    2. I know this isnt Just Flights problem but Super Traffic Board does not appear to show arrivals until they are within range of the airport, likewise departures only appear to show when flights have arrived or already at the airport. This might be my settings in Super Traffic Board. A small issue but I thought I would mention it

    3. Many International flights missing, I presume this is going to be fixed when the schedules are improved ?

    4. No traffic at Sydney, Qantas and Virgin Australia and others seem to have totally disappeared,

    5. Airbus 380's at Dubai, the only place I can find them, and then there not many, take off and within 5 - 10 mins of erratic flight crash, have tried creating my own flights the same happens, if I change the aircraft to a 777 flight is OK to destination,

    6. Many propeller aircraft still jump about and in particular an Eastern Airlines one, Sorry dont know the aircraft type, when in flight propellers not turning and planes flaps etc all shown wrongly. Appreciate this may not be a fixable problem as it has been around since day 1 and I know it is late in the day, but would it be possible to include a tool to exclude plane types as you have already done for airlines ?

    Overall TG appears to have improved from when I last used it, still some niggles, but I would be happy if JF fixed the aircraft/Flight problems and provided a reasonable flight database to begin with, and then I would happily create any flights that I wished to add, which I am reluctant to do at the moment because I lose all flights I have created when I install an update.

  • @NealeR
    Hi Neale!
    Welcome back!
    I remember you from the EA forum, so you probably won't be at all surprised to know that these are issues that are promised to be addressed in yet another future update, along with the GA aircraft that are still invisible in FSX...and so on....
    v1.1.1.7 seems to have actually introduced even more weird problems (though personally, I've all but given up caring)..
    As you say, it's getting on for 2.5 years now and some issues that were raised long, long ago are still present (winglets, wandering Saab 340 ...), plus a whole bunch of new ones!
    Sounds like the opaque prop problems (that I'm pretty sure had been corrected a few versions ago), have crept back in again but, (just in case you weren't aware) an easy way to eliminate any particular model or individual repaint, is to just edit the title= line in the aircraft.cfg so that TG doesn't pick it up when compiling.

  • Hi Capt Quirk,

    Thought I would give it another try I thought they might be a bit nearer to the completed article but still a bit of work to do I think :-).

    Thanks for the tip will do that to get rid of the offending aircraft, I will certainly be using it if the problem isnt fixed by JF in a future update, I still live in hope 🙂

    Take care