Autopilot Question

  • Hi,

    I'm currently in the process of building a hardware cockpit resembling a Piper Arrow as a training device for my real world instrument rating and looking for the right X-Plane aircraft. My cockpit will probably feature either a KAP140 or GFC 500 Autopilot. I know that the 3D cockpit of the X-Plane Turbo Arrow is equipped with a Piper Autocontrol. But is it possible to just set the Dataref preconfigured_ap_type to the correct value to get X-Plane to simulate the KAP 140 or GFC 700, or does the plane have custom autopilot logic implemented that would interfere with this approach.
    Also, as the planes I fly all have installed an additional Avionics Master Switch, is it possible to simulate this with the turbo arrow using the appropriate Dataref or is there a custom logic (e.g. always setting Avionics Master to ON) that would interfere?

    Many thanks and best regards