• Have tested this on P3Dv5 now seeing less traffic in major airports with 1/3rd or more of the parking spots with no aircraft.
    Changes to the flight plans EGLL now has 227 down from 500 some long haul flights removed.
    My Traffic Global Airlines BGL down from 24,000kb to 18,000kb with custom Scenery folder with default airports with more parking added.
    Suggestion in the Complier Folder remove Log_Part2.txt not used since 01-06-2018.
    Add two more folders for Traffic Global Airlines and My Flights. AKA Cargo and GA Folders
    A300_600f AB6 Fedex not showing in My Flights.
    If you change a airline code for an aircraft a heads up would be nice for users that have saved the My Flights Data Base.

    Regards Ray Fry.

  • JF Staff

    Hi Ray,
    Due to the new BGL format used by v5, the additional airport files that TG adds to increase the number of parking spaces available at default aircraft are no longer compatible. This means there are a reduced number of parking spaces available at default v5 airports compared to v4.
    However, there are a half dozen airlines missing from the database at the moment. These will be added in the next update which will increase traffic levels.

  • I am seeing 20,684 plans in the main Data Base in down from 48,000 in older versions less than half the plans, and loads of timing errors plans that cannot be completed in the 24hr rule.

  • Yes, it also shows me over 20,000 flight plans in the program. However, it should be noted that the flight database is not very identical to the traffic in the simulator. While observing, I noticed that not every flight is identical to the flight database.
    Rich mentioned that the flight database will be supplemented, which will significantly increase the number of flights than before. If the flight database is linked to the traffic in the simulator, the airports will be filled with aircraft and the total aircraft traffic will increase as well. This is how I understood it...

  • Addon airports KJFK KORD KIAD KDFW KMEM KSDF KCLT KIAH KDEN KMSP KPHX KSAN KLAX KSFO KPDX KSEA all US main hub airports to list just a few now have less aircraft and traffic, the same is true of European airports.
    20,000 flights 7,240 errors flights that will not show in the sim and that`s with a custom Scenery folder.

  • @Rich I am also going to assume this will be fixed in ther FSX version as well? I am having same problem.