Strange behaviour with v1.1.1.6

  • Hello,
    I use P3dv5 together with Voxatc, so I set the traffic in P3D to zero and VoxATC creates traffic based on the traffic bgl files present. This has always worked fine. Since I updatet to however, it's different. If I start up the sim and even with VOXatc not running and Traffic slider set to 0, there are already AI planes at the gates. And once VOXatc starts, I get double traffic at some gates.
    Could you tell me how it is possible that AI traffic is present even though the traffic slider is at 0?

  • Hi Adrian,

    There could be some duplicated traffic files left from when you uninstalled TG

    If that's the case they would be in documents/prepar3D add-ons/traffic global/scenery.

    Have a look and let me know.


    Simon B.

  • Hello Simon,

    I have 4 files in that folder: Traffic_Global_Airlines.bgl, Traffic_Global_myflights.bgl, TrafficGlobalCargo.bgl and TrafficGlobalGA.bgl. Is this not correct? But anyway, even if one of these files is an "old one", would this really explain the behaviour that AI traffic is running with the sliders set to 0?


  • Hi Adrian,

    Do you use any other AI programs, or have you done so before?
    Could you check your scenery/world/scenery folder and see if there are any traffic files in that location.


    Simon B.

  • JF Staff

    Please try also reducing the GA slider in case some flights are being generated under that system.

  • I checked the scenery/world/scenery dir, the only files that could be traffic is trafficboats.bgl and trafficcarriers.bgl. Do these have anything to do with TG? Concerning GA, I also have that slider set to 0. The strange thing is, with version, this never happened.
    I also don't use any other AI tool.

  • Adrian.

    As I don't use voxatc I can only assume that something has gone awry with that program, as there are no other offending traffic files found.

    Have you tried to gain answers from them at all?

    Another thing I could suggest is to use aifp3 and do a search with that program to see if any other traffic files would come up in an obscure place on your system.


    Simon B.

  • Thanks fpr the reply. I think I will try reinstalling TG next. VOXATC can't be the reason because it works like this:

    • reduce AI Sliders to 0
    • start VOXaTC within the sim
    • then VOX atc produces AI Traffic based on the schedules present in the BGL files.
      But since AI traffic is already there, before VOXATC is even turned on, it really can't be the reason. But to make sure, if the first idea doesn't work, I will try uninstalling Voxatc and check again.

    Best regards

  • Hello,
    I now have tried the following:

    • Uninstall Traffic Global --> no more traffic / ai aircraft seen
    • Reinstalled Traffic Global, use it out of the box with setting it up in P3dv4 und v5 but no extra compiling or anything. --> There is traffic there with all traffic sliders at 0 (I checked that it's not static aircraft with the scenery and they actually move). Changing the traffic sliders to 100% doesn't change anything. In P3Dv4 it's slightly different, here traffic is also showing with sliders at 0 but when increasing to 100%, there are more aircraft beeing generated (I used the same airport in both cases).

    So it seems, the TG traffic is shown regardless of the sliders. Up to version this wasn't the case.¨

    Could you explain to me, exactly how TG makes traffic appear in P3Dv5? It says something about registering the simobjects when installing.
    Bild1.jpg image url))

    Best regards

  • Hello Adrian,
    I am experiencing the same problems as you are. With TG no problems and all working fine with Vox. Immediately after updating to and afterwards I also have planes at my airports with the traffic slider set to zero. I have tried basically the same as you did to no avail. I refuse to accept that Vox is the culprit: as far as I know Vox doesn't use BGL files, it uses DAT, VIDX and other extension files, and there is no entry in the scenery config nor in any of the add-on configs. Besides, before it had always worked flawlessly.
    I might have a workaround however. I found that when I disable TrafficGlobal (TG) via the Add-on menu in P3d that the random planes are gone, and Vox still works as it should.
    Downside to this is that when you change anything in your scenery or add a new airport, you have to turn TG back on, then run the Vox Indexer and after restarting P3d to let it recreate the index and database for new scenery files, turn TG off again.
    Also I disabled the TG entry in the scenery config to avoid Afcad conflicts with my add-on scenery (planes taxiing through the grass and missing taxiways, etc.).
    For me this works, maybe it does for you too.

    Having said all this, I think JustFlight has to look into this, and figure out what the differences between v1.1.1.5 and are that might be causing this.

    Have a good one,

  • same here

    Look at my thread opened a few days ago:

    I just checked, it's version 1.1.16, which I have installed.

    At least good to see, I am not alone with that problem

  • @Japiooo Hello Jaap, thanks for this information that sound's good. When you say you turn the add-on off, thats through the options menu, right? Not the add-on menu on the top level.

    Also this workaround proves that the problem must be caused by one of BGL files that TG provides. Have you tried recreating them in the TG-tool?


  • Hey guys,
    I installed v1.1.1.7 now and recreated the bgl files with TG. That solved the problem, which seems to be connected to the original bgl-files that TG installs. Only downside is, that this new bgl-files are significantly smaller than the ones originally provided, so that means potentially less traffic?

    Best regards

  • I also just installed v 1.1.17, but same effect.
    What do you mean by recreation of the bgl files?

    I have deinstalled TG and manually deleted the bgl files, then ran the 1.1.17 installer - but I probably missed something, as still same effect.

  • When you use the traffic global tool, there is an option to recompile traffic. That creates new bgls based on the data that TG uses like planes, airports and so on. When you initially install TG, these files are already there and to me it seems, they are not specifically created with the tool, they are just loaded from the installer.

  • You're quite right. When you install TG, it dumps precomiled traffic.bgl's into your scenery/world/scenery folder.
    When you use the TG program to compile flightplans, it'll scan through all the addon sceneries/afcads that you have installed and base the traffic on the parking available in those files.
    Theoretically, the more parking that is available, the more traffic you get (though TG does tend to reject more flightplans than you'd expect, even when there is adequate parking)..
    If it's of any interest, a quick and dirty way to increase the amount of traffic a bit is to download some of the freeware afcad those done by Ray Smith (which also improves the look of the airport as a bonus). You just have to be a bit careful not to introduce duplicate afcad files for any airport.

  • excellent! After recompilation it's working now!

    Thanks a lot for your support!