bgl file conflicting with Ultimate Ground Crew x

  • Morning

    I had to delete file AT2_JFDT.bgl in the airport facilities scenery folder because it was causing a problem at Aerosoft's Berlin EDDT airport.

    It was conflicting with Ultimate Ground Crew x, which caused it not to read the EDDT scenery file and hence caused UGC to give a message that my aircraft was not at any parking space, hence no push back.

    I have posted this issue on the UGC forum, which started as a help request and turned into a fix report once I had read the log file report.

  • Yes and the same will happen with GSX 2 when you try to mod the jetways, just delete the offending file it will not stop TG working.

  • I don't use GSX, but thanks for the info.

  • Hmm

    Had to delete another AT2_xx file which stopped Ultimate ground crew x from working at uk2000's Manchester airport.

    It is obviously a know problem to you all, is there a fix in the pipe-line for this error?