Missing Sub Menu FSX

  • Can't see any sub-menu in FSX, so can't activate radar or change label colours etc.

  • JF Staff

    There is no radar included in the FSX version of Traffic Global. The colours of the labels are controlled by the sim itself via the options screen.

  • Thanks for swift reply. I will have another look, thanks. Will use Traffic Tools

  • @goff_nznr
    If it's of any help to you, there are freeware mods to the default gps gauge available which display ai traffic, and there's a few ATC 'control towers' which include a radar gauge (as were those included in Traffic 360) which are installed as 'flyable' aircraft and are really useful if you fancy a bit of virtual plane spotting!
    If you are just wanting to identify a particular ai aircraft, Alpha India Group's site has a neat tool called 'AI Companion' which not only lists all the traffic but allows you to 'zoom' to a view of a selected aircraft.

  • @Capt-Quirk Oh that's great info, thanks. I have AI Traffic in the GPS guage. Will check out your other suggestions. Cheers.