Turning it on/off for Online flying

  • Hello.

    I am new to TG. Just installed it to my P3dv5.
    Is there an option to simply turn the AI traffic on and off, when I am flying online?

    I used to work with UTL, where I programmed a joystick. Can I do the same here?


  • TG Traffic is controlled by the traffic Slider in setting move it to the left and no traffic.

  • My traffic slider is at 0% (p3dv5) but still traffic visible.


  • Then i suspect you still have some UTL product working in the sim as that still works with sliders on 0%.

  • UTL has never been installed on this machine. And I see traffic only since installing Traffic Global.

  • In P3Dv5 with the slider at 0% you should not see traffic, you must have a rouge BGL in play are you seeing default traffic aircraft in the sim.
    Go to Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\TrafficGlobal\Scenery you should see 4 BGL files, Airlines ,MyFlights ,Cargo ,GA .
    edit any one of them to .bgl.off and that will turn off that bgl file then test in the sim.

  • With the .bgl set to off I don't see any traffic. It appears, once I reactivate the bgl. Explicitly the aircraft.bgl (for GA or Cargo I couldn't see a difference, but I also never looked at those in the sim). Moving the traffic slider in P3D doesn't do any difference (not increasing nor decreasing)

    Here are my install folders, if that helps:

    C:\Users\A320\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Traffic Global >> Scenery bgl's and addon.xml
    P:\P3D Add-Ons\Traffic\Traffic Global\TrafficGlobal >> main installation folder

    Do the program files need to live somewhere else?

    Thanks again for your support!


  • This is the P3Dv5 addons in TG scenery they are the Bgls that are injecting traffic into the sim.
    TG should not be installed in the main sim it links through the addon Bgl`s.
    When TG installs it will place two folders in the sim scenery, TrafficGlobal and Traffic Global Airport Facilities which should be placed below your addons in the scenery and just above your base scenery Folders.

  • not sure, if I understand correctly.

    p:\p3d addons\ is a pure addon folder, I generated myself.
    The sim is installed in P:\P3dv5\

    In my manual addon folder I installed all types of scenery and other add-ons.

    So is there anything wrong with installing TG in there?

  • After installing version 1.1.17 and recompilation of the Traffic DB it's working now!