Compiler stats missing in Hom + Test compiles and diagnostics missing for Prepar3d v5

  • Some traffic is appearing in P3Dv5 now, but Home in TG reports Not yet compiled under Statistics and Total number of generated flights 0 and Number of A.I. aircraft Not yet compiled.

    Looking at Edit Flight Plan for TG Flight Plans and My A.I. Flights there is no option for P3Dv5 under Test Compile for TG Flight Plans... and if I click for Prepar3D v4 as a test compile it throws an unhandled exception.

    The "Diagostics" (sic) tab has no drop down menu for v5 in the Path to Simulator drop down.

    Any pointers?

    I do have 4 and 5 on this machine but only ran TG setup for v5.

    Thanks again.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the reminder about the v5 test compile and diagnostic options. I'll get them added when I update the flight editing part of the app in the next update.

  • Found out why my AI plans do not work changes have been made to the aircraft, example my Cargo plans are now useless aircraft ABF and ABY do not exist anymore.
    I would go back to the previous version but that has been stopped by JF, this version i have less flights and 48,000 errors in the main plans, and Cargo has 27,000 errors and i have a custom scenery folder with more parking spots.
    TG is going backwards as an AI program.
    But that`s just my opinion.
    Regards Ray Fry.