Beam Compass and GPS flight plan errors

  • Just purchased the Vulcan and picked up on a few bugs/errors that might need addressing.

    1. It seems that the Beam compass is modeled incorrectly in that rotating the 'compass card' does not cause the 'heading pointer' to rotate with the background card itself. This is is incorrect, since we now have a heading pointer that points to a completely wrong heading with the card aligned to any course except N. (Confirmed by reading the real Mk2 Aircrew Notes).

    The background compass card should rotate (middle mouse click and rotate), and the pointer with the circle should rotate in sync and still show the current heading.

    1. The yellow Azimuth Direction Pointer is stuck on the 10 degree left bank mark. It's supposed to move according to the heading error set up by the desired heading knob. It's stuck and doesn't respond at all, whatever the position of the MFS switch (central/remote/bomb etc). The autopilot does still respond to the desired heading knob though......but no ADP commands.

    2. I can't figure out how the MFS / Direction pointers are supposed to respond to the default GPS flight plan. The manual states that the 'Remote' setting is for GPS. I was expecting the Azimuth Direction Pointer to respond to the GPS plan, but it doesn't.

    Sorry for the moaning, it's clearly a good addon, but these issues are a pain which make flying more difficult than it should be.


  • JF Staff

    @Adam106 Can you report any bugs or issues to support please, this isn't the place, things like this can easily get missed in public forums such as this.

    That ok? Support is here:

    Open a ticket and the team will look into said issues for you.