No manual for TG or menu for to be found.

  • Traffic Global manual nowhere to be found. I installed TG. No manual is listed under Start-All Programs. TG is listed under Just Flight, but no manual. When I run TG, a popup on my screen indicates it is installing traffic. It finishes installing, and the popup disappears. Ok, no problem there. But should there be a menu to edit traffic installed? No menu, period. Pete

  • @Retnavycpo
    Hi Pete,
    TG does come with a manual that, if you installed to the default location, can be found here:
    C:\Users\ your username \Documents\TrafficGlobal.
    It hasn't been updated since forever so is pretty out of date now but at least it covers the basics, like editing flightplans.
    Hope that's of some help.


  • It`s also in the main interface of TG tab Quickstart Manual next to the Change Log TAB.
    PS log into the early access forum you will see loads of post that will help you pick some tips on TG.